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HONEY WON'T YOU LET ME IN Tabs and Lyrics THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH Open D9 tuning (DADEAD) Capo 5th fret
Always play bass note separately. Notes in parentheses (2) are also strummed open. Top A and D strings are often omitted.
Main riff: D --0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0---0- A --0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0---0- E --3---5--(5)--0--|--3---5--(5)--2- D -(2)--4---0---0--|-(2)--4---0---0- A --0---0------(2)-|--0---0-------1- D ----------5---5--|----------5---4-
Verse: D --0---0---0---0-- A --0---0---0---0-- E --2---3---5---3-- D --0---0---4--(2)- A --2-------0---0-- D ------5---0------
"So honey won't you let me in": D --0---0---0-- A --0---0---0-- E --5---3---5-- D --4---2---4-- A --0---0---0-- D --0-------0--
Now the snow will fall And the lovers call Will be drenched out by the shattering of birds As the season shifts Lonely minds will drift On the ocean in a buildup of its roar As I knock your door From inside once more How I wish a soothing breeze would let me in Shake my tambourine At your glowing dreams So honey wont you let me in
As we cease to know Where our feet will go We wont see our ribbons tied up in the pine Branches will untie Every mumbling lie Every fray word in your lullabye is heard Oh when I catch the force Of our fist divorce How I wish the turning sunset could report Blow my engine steam At your glowing dreams So honey wont you let me in
Now the dust will rise Dress the open skies Just a gallery of words we've used too much Its a felt this way But what if it's too late To be building up on muscles in the draft Put me on the morning ship And I will take the trip To return with all the treasures of the past It will always seem Like a glowing dream So honey wont you let me in I said honey wont you let me in