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Tabs and Lyrics

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     The Gardener
     Honey Won't You Let Me In
     I Won’t Be Found
     It Will Follow The Rain
     King of Spain     
     Pistol Dreams
     The Sparrow and the Medicine
     Steal Tomorrow
     Walk The Line
     Where Do My Bluebird Fly

I first heard the fellow who goes by the name of The Tallest Man on Earth
on the KEXP song of the day podcast. The song was called "Walk the Line,"
and it struck me from from the intro. It had just one guitar and one
voice. One driving guitar with percussive chords and a playfully
aggressive melody riff, and one rhaspy voice that turns from arrogant to
pleading as it sings of a man who steals the wings from an angel. I loved

I decided I needed to hear more, but discovered his music was sort of
tough to track down. What I had assumed to be a taller than average guy
from a dark corner of, say, Kentucky turned out to be a short guy from
Sweden. In any case, he didn't seem to have a publicist, and piecing
together bits of information and scraps of songs was more difficult than
I expected. It was months before I could download any of his music online,
and even longer before he started selling records at just one shop in
North America.

Once I had his music, though, I immediately I set about trying to play it
myself. It's a lot of fun. If you are a guitarist adept at finger picking
and can sing like you have a fistful of gravel in your mouth, you'll love
it. If not, I still highly suggest you give The Tallest Man on Earth a

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Good luck and happy pickin.