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Transport for London uses “spider” diagrams at most of its bus stops showing only the routes and destinations served from that area. I’ve created a modified London-style map that I’d love to see at Washington, D.C.’s bus stops.

Full Size PDF (designed at 30″ × 24″)


If Washington D.C.’s fifty state-named avenues were states.

Now available in print at

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Modern color map:

The United Streets of America

L’Enfant style:

The United Streets of America

Doesn’t that trip out to West Falls Church on the Orange Line seem a lot farther than it looks on the map? That’s because it is. Try this map instead. It shows the Washington Metro system with stations spaced according to the scheduled travel time between them.

Washington Metro - Time Scale Map


Compare the time-scale map with the standard version:Scale Comparison

Option 1:

Option 1

Option 2:

Option 2

I’ve created a new map to help Appalachian Trail hikers who aren’t up on their orienteering skills. This one sticks to the information hikers think of most: north/south, states, and town stops. You might want to bring along more detailed maps for individual sections.

Appalachian Trail Map