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The Appalachian Trail stretches 2,176 miles from Georgia to Maine. Each spring, about two thousand hikers arrive at Springer Mountain planning to walk north for six months or so until they reach the trail’s end at Mount Katahdin. These pages document my 2009 attempt to thru-hike the trail.

Up-to-the fortnight news and thoughts from the trail. I will be writing these posts on scraps of paper in the woods, stamping and mailing to civilization, then hoping that someone can read my handwriting well enough to post on the blog.

Trail Log
Where have I been? Check here for my mileage and location data.

I plan to visit a grocery store or post office every five days or so. Wondering when I’ll be passing through your neighborhood? Interested in sending me mail? Check here for the latest estimates on where I’ll be.

Appalachian Trail Map

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